Invitation to the NCLC

Recognizing Efforts of The Cannabis Framework Project
July 11, 2023 by
Invitation to the NCLC
Kief Studio

The groundbreaking work of The Cannabis Framework Project, led by Meelie and Brian, has gained significant recognition within the cannabis industry. Their dedicated efforts to standardize cannabis lab testing nationally have recently earned them an invitation to join the esteemed National Cannabis Laboratory Council (NCLC). This invitation is a testament to their unwavering commitment and the notable impact of The Cannabis Framework Project on the future of cannabis regulation.

In a time of rapid expansion within the legal cannabis market, it becomes increasingly crucial to establish standardized testing protocols. With potential federal legalization and the imminent prospect of interstate commerce, addressing the existing discrepancies among state testing requirements becomes imperative. The establishment of uniform testing procedures not only serves to promote public health and safety but also facilitates the seamless movement of safe cannabis products across state borders.

In their recent white paper, the NCLC proposes a comprehensive approach to cannabis lab testing, drawing upon data from participating laboratories and recognized scientific standards. The objective is to transition from the current state-based testing programs to a harmonized testing regime, which establishes a baseline for quality testing of cannabis products. Such an approach allows the industry to embrace risk-based testing programs developed by cultivators and manufacturers, while ensuring consistent and reliable results.

The NCLC recommends the implementation of national standards governing three critical areas:

  • Standard Test Panels: These panels will outline the specific compounds that should be included in the analysis of cannabis products, guaranteeing comprehensive testing coverage.
  • Sampling Requirements and Testing Methodologies: Consistent sampling protocols and testing methodologies will be established to ensure accurate and reliable results across different laboratories.
  • Lab Accreditation and Proficiency Testing: Standardized lab accreditation and proficiency testing requirements are emphasized by the NCLC to maintain quality control and ensure the competence of testing facilities.

The formulation of national lab testing standards is not only pivotal for the future of cannabis regulation but also essential for enabling interstate commerce once cannabis is legalized. The absence of consistent testing requirements across states hampers the free movement of cannabis products. By promulgating national standards, the NCLC aims to safeguard public health by ensuring the consistent testing of pesticides, elemental impurities, and other potentially harmful additives throughout the United States.

The invitation extended to Meelie and Brian to join the National Cannabis Laboratory Council serves as a testament to their remarkable contributions in the field. Their involvement in The Cannabis Framework Project has played an instrumental role in advocating for standardized lab testing and fostering collaboration among industry stakeholders. By joining forces with the NCLC, they will have the opportunity to further influence the development of national standards and contribute to shaping the future of cannabis regulation in the United States.

About the National Cannabis Laboratory Council

Founded in 2021 by Perkins Coie, a highly regarded law firm, in collaboration with a coalition of lab scientists and operators nationwide, the National Cannabis Laboratory Council (NCLC) is dedicated to establishing and promoting national lab testing standards for cannabis products. Their primary objective is to set these standards before legalization, thereby laying the groundwork for future interstate commerce. Through their efforts, the NCLC aims to ensure consistency, safety, and public health protection in the ever-evolving cannabis industry.

Invitation to the NCLC
Kief Studio July 11, 2023
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