Introducing the Cannabis Framework Project

Paving the Way for Mainstream Adoption
July 11, 2023 by
Introducing the Cannabis Framework Project
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The Cannabis Framework Project - Open Source, Open Discussion

In a groundbreaking initiative, the Cannabis Framework Project has been launched by longtime cannabis advocates, HxHippy and Meelie, with the aim of advancing the mainstream adoption of cannabis as an accessible wellness and lifestyle product. By fostering open collaboration and crafting policy solutions, this project strives to redefine the perception and usage of cannabis for all.

The Cannabis Framework Project brings together the expertise of HxHippy, a renowned writer and marketer, and Meelie, a talented multidisciplinary artist. With over 15 years of experience in building media brands, providing education, and advocating for smaller businesses, they possess the necessary insights and passion to address the complexities that shape the future of the cannabis industry.

The initial focus of the Cannabis Framework Project is the development of an intuitive classification system and simplified nomenclature for cannabis strains. By categorizing products based on their compounds and effects, this framework aims to make the cannabis shopping experience more approachable, particularly for newcomers, while honoring the plant's rich cultural heritage. This crucial first step sets the stage for future endeavors.

As the project progresses, the Cannabis Framework Project intends to tackle various challenges hindering the industry, including policy barriers related to social equity, environmental sustainability, product standards, and transparency. Recognizing the significance of incorporating diverse perspectives, the project seeks to develop recommendations through open collaboration, ensuring that frameworks consider the impact on all stakeholders. Individuals and groups from different sectors are invited to join the community, share knowledge, and contribute to this important work.

The success of the Cannabis Framework Project depends on inclusiveness, pragmatism, and prioritizing the greater good over individual interests. To achieve this, the project aims to incorporate insights from subject experts, professionals in the cannabis and related industries, business leaders, policymakers, advocates, and consumers. By amplifying the voices within the cannabis movement, the project strives to derive solutions that truly reflect the spirit of the plant.

The Cannabis Framework Project recognizes that change begins with a single question. Through ongoing discussions, these questions evolve into frameworks, and these frameworks become paths forward. By embarking on this journey together, the project seeks to shape a future that is responsive to the needs and aspirations of all. This endeavor invites individuals to participate actively and help mold the evolving landscape of cannabis.

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About the Cannabis Framework Project:

The Cannabis Framework Project, founded by HxHippy and Meelie, is a visionary initiative aimed at accelerating the mainstream adoption of cannabis as a wellness and lifestyle product. By focusing on policy solutions and open collaboration, the project seeks to redefine the perception and usage of cannabis. Through various endeavors, including the development of classification systems and addressing policy barriers, the Cannabis Framework Project aspires to create a comprehensive framework that considers the diverse needs of stakeholders within the industry.

About Kief Studio LLC:

Kief Studio LLC is the driving force behind the Cannabis Framework Project. Comprising a talented team led by HxHippy and Meelie, Kief Studio specializes in providing marketing, video, photography, and content services for cannabis companies. With their deep understanding of the industry, Kief Studio is committed to supporting projects that promote positive change and contribute to the advancement of the cannabis movement.

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Introducing the Cannabis Framework Project
Kief Studio July 11, 2023
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