Cannabis Marketing in Massachusetts

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Cannabis Marketing in Massachusetts
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Cannabis Marketing in Massachusetts, how to perform effective marketing for your marijuana businesses? The cannabis industry and Massachusetts have a long history of regulation. Massachusetts is now among the states leading marijuana reform, aiming to create a regulated marijuana market similar to that of alcohol. We will soon see consumption locations throughout the state. The regulations on cannabis marketing are loosening a bit, but they aren’t quite there yet.


Demand for Legal Cannabis in Massachusetts

Despite the sales, it was a long journey to meet the demand for legal cannabis in Massachusetts. As a result, Massachusetts marijuana sales have exceeded billions of dollars, according to Marijuana Policy Project data.

BOSTON – Sales of Massachusetts recreational cannabis are approaching $3 billion, three-and-a-half years after the first pot store opened its doors.

Massachusetts Marijuana Sales Passed $3 Billion

Through August of 2021, pot sales have exceeded $2 billion. As of 2018, Massachusetts marijuana sales have passed $3 billion.

WORCESTER – The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) ​announced that cannabis sales in Massachusetts had topped $3 billion.

Solid and Knowledgeable Marketing Team

Massachusetts has over 200 cannabis retailers and ten delivery services competing for business. You need the help of a solid and knowledgeable marketing team. This is where Kief.Studio steps in to help you create competitive Cannabis Marketing Content in Massachusetts.

According to the CCC, in 2021, Massachusetts collected $112,370,000 from marijuana taxes, which is twice as much as expected.

Massachusetts Revised Cannabis Regulations

In Massachusetts, marijuana, despite the pandemic, has continued to grow. As a result, Massachusetts revised its regulations to offer cannabis brands more opportunities to expand. Additionally, many rules have changed regarding how cannabis businesses can market themselves.

Cannabis Marketing in Massachusetts using Web and Social Media Content

Cannabis dispensaries have restrictions on how they can market themselves and how they can leverage marketing cannabis content. Massachusetts regulations require you to be creative. You must invest in the right digital marketing partners to grow your business and remain within marijuana marketing regulations.

Cannabis Marketing in Massachusetts Using SEO And Content

Cannabis Marketing in Massachusetts is driven primarily through search engines and online directories such as Leafly, Weedmaps, Google, and Bing. Kief.Studio will get your content ranking for the keywords your ideal customers search for when they look online to buy cannabis. Learn more here.

Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) Restrictions for Cannabis Brands

A new business looking to build a brand and logo should avoid investing time and money into a branding effort that may violate Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) regulations. Established brands may also have difficulty entering the Massachusetts market due to the ban on marijuana images in corporate logos. In addition, the Marijuana Control Commission’s state advertising regulations are making it harder for cannabis advertising agencies and businesses to navigate.

Cannabis Businesses in Massachusetts Marketing Advertising and Promotion

themselves. Companies that sell marijuana can advertise themselves. Marijuana businesses in Massachusetts will be allowed to use logos to promote their products. However, medical symbols,

images of marijuana or marijuana paraphernalia, and any other references to cannabis are prohibited. Ensure your business logo does not include medical symbols, marijuana images, or other references to marijuana or cannabis.

Billions of Dollars in Marijuana Sales

Every day that passes, businesses and consumers in Massachusetts continue to lessen the stigma associated with marijuana use. As the days of cannabis legalization in Massachusetts have progressed, billions of dollars in marijuana sales have been recorded within the state.

Cannabis Marketing in Massachusetts
Kief Studio June 28, 2022
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