iFrames Were Never Meant for SEO

Why It's Time to Abandon This Losing Strategy!
February 25, 2024 by
iFrames Were Never Meant for SEO
Kief Studio

As someone who has implemented iFrame SEO “strategies” in the past, I can tell you it’s a waste of time. iFrames were created to embed content from other sources, not rank your own content. Google and other search engines can see right through these tactics, and your rankings will suffer.

All Flash, No Substance

iFrame SEO is a flashy strategy that seems like an easy fix. Just slap some content in an iFrame, and you’ll start ranking, right? Wrong. iFrames don’t provide any real value to users or search engines. They’re just an illusion, hiding your thin, low-quality content behind a veil of code. I’ve seen companies pour months of work into iFrame SEO only to see no movement in the SERPs. Don’t make their mistake.

The Temporary High and Permanent Low

You might see a short-lived boost from iFrame SEO as Google is temporarily fooled. But once Google’s algorithms catch on, your rankings will tank. And they’ll be even harder to recover. Google will see your site as trying to trick users and rank artificially, so they’ll be penalizing you in their calculations.

Focus on Real Strategies That Work

Instead of wasting time on strategies that don’t move the needle in the long run, focus on things that really matter to search engines and users:

  • High-quality, in-depth content.

In-depth and informative content ranks best. Forget 500-word-thin nonsense. Go for posts and guides with 2000+ words detailing your subject inside and out.

  • Understand the user’s intent.

Aim to resolve the user’s query and answer their questions thoroughly. Give them more value than they expect.

  • Website speed and performance.

Fast loading, mobile-optimized sites fare best in Google’s algorithms. No one, including Google, has patience for a slow, buggy site.

  • Building high-quality backlinks.

Earn links from authoritative sites with natural link building outreach. Don’t buy links or spam blogs and forums. Build real relationships and create resources worth linking to.

The secrets are out - iFrame SEO is a losing strategy, and the real way to rank in Google is to follow the best practices that work and deliver real value to your audience. Stop wasting time on tricks and start building a site that provides the experience users and search engines want. Your rankings will thank you!

iFrames for Menus: Why Cannabis Companies Should Look Elsewhere

As the cannabis industry has grown, so have companies offering solutions for dispensaries and CBD brands. Many of these companies provide menu systems housed in iFrames so brands can embed them on their site. While this may seem like an easy solution, it provides little real value.

Short-Term Convenience, Long-Term Cost

Using an iFramed menu system is tempting. It’s easy to implement and provides a quick fix for companies without web expertise. But there are significant downsides:

  • Lack of customization. You’re stuck with whatever styles and features the menu company provides. Want to match your brand? Too bad.
  • SEO issues. iFrames negatively impact SEO by obscuring your content from search engines. Your menu won’t be indexed, and it will drag down your overall site’s rankings.
  • Reliance on another company. If that company goes under or changes its terms, you’re left with an outdated or non-functioning menu on your site that you can’t access to fix or remove.
  • Higher costs. While iFramed menus seem like an affordable option, you’ll pay more in the long run through lost traffic and SEO. The real cost is your brand’s visibility and growth.

A Custom Solution Gives You Control

Rather than relying on another company’s iFramed solution, invest in building your own custom menu. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Full design control. You can craft a menu perfectly matched to your brand with the features you want.
  • SEO benefits. A custom menu system will be fully indexed by search engines, enhancing your site’s rankings and authority.
  • Long term access. You own and control your menu, so you’ll never be at the mercy of another company or worries they’ll go under.
  • Paid less over time. While building custom digital assets requires an upfront investment, you’ll save money through better SEO, design, and brand control. You’ll rely less on paid advertising to drive traffic when your organic rankings improve.

Cannabis companies need to grow smart by focusing on custom web solutions, not quick fixes like iFramed menus that hurt the brand in the long run. By crafting a tailor-made menu, companies set themselves up for success through enhanced SEO, lead gen, brand authority, and financial savings over time. Why choose a generic iFrame that won’t show any ROI? Invest in yourself and build digital assets that rank.

Replace iFrames With Custom Solutions From Industry Insiders

At Kief Studio, we provide cannabis brands with a complete package of creative and technical solutions based on a deep understanding of the industry. Our team has direct experience in areas from compliance to extraction, and we apply that knowledge to craft digital experiences focused on your growth - starting with replacing generic iFrame menus.

Our CEO Meelie and COO Hippy aim to guide dispensaries, product companies, and other cannabis brands through successful expansion by moving them from iFrames to custom web assets. We have been on the front lines of cannabis as business owners, marketers, and patients ourselves. We know iFrames fail to generate real results or set brands apart because we understand their limitations and ability to waste budgets.

When we replace iFrame menus with tailored solutions, we do so with the mindset of a cannabis entrepreneur intimately familiar with inventory, customer education, and changing regulations. Our capabilities are backed by experience, allowing us to craft websites and online menus focused on lead capture, SEO, and user experience to drive the ROI that iFrames can’t.

While others claim cannabis marketing expertise, we aim to take a hands-on approach to fostering long-term partnerships over quick fixes. We see transitioning brands from iFrames to growth-focused digital solutions as an opportunity to help them reach their full potential.

If your cannabis brand continues relying on iFrames, you leave ROI and opportunity on the table. Start a conversation with Kief Studio about how replacing them with custom solutions designed by industry experts will aim to accelerate your growth in a maturing market. We’re ready to guide your brand beyond iFrames towards a competitive advantage.

Though we have not yet worked on this type of project, our experience, knowledge, and aims mean cannabis brands can gain by moving from iFrames to tailored, results-driven web assets. We look forward to the opportunity to prove how custom solutions drive opportunity in ways plug-and-play options never will. The future of cannabis marketing is partnership, not generic fixes, and we stand ready to help brands achieve it.

Forge Connections with an Artist’s Touch

Meelie, our CEO, is a trained artist and life coach with a master’s certification in cannabis. She understands brands and their target audiences on a deep psychological level through her background in art therapy and coaching. By combining psychology and artistry, Meelie aims to develop visuals, messaging, and digital experiences that resonate emotionally with your customers.

While outsourced agencies rely on recycled stock photos and generic messaging, Meelie takes an empathetic, hands-on approach to understand your brand’s story and vision. She aims to translate them into impactful designs and content strategy tailored to speak to your customers and their needs. An artist’s touch means going beyond templates to craft digital and visual assets with your brand identity and voice at their core.

Meelie’s psychological expertise, experience as an artist, and work with coaching aim to allow her to determine how to best connect your brand with audiences in an authentic way. She looks to forge bonds between clients and customers that translate to long-term growth and loyalty through messaging and digital experiences focused on engagement over plug-and-play fixes.

Digital Experience Backed by a Certified Herbalist

As COO, Hippy aims to bring over 15 years of experience providing web design, SEO, and online marketing services to niche industries, including CBD and cannabis brands. His background as a certified herbalist means he understands the holistic nature of hemp and cannabis as more than products to be marketed. He looks to apply educationally-focused, user-experience-centric strategies to guide audiences through the customer journey.

Hippy and his team keep up with the latest trends in web design, development, SEO, social media marketing, and Hubspot to aim to build tailored solutions around your key needs and goals. While outsourced agencies take a one-size-fits-all approach, Hippy aims to determine how to best position your brand and speak to your target customers through digital experience, content, and online marketing focused on education and long-term relationships over hype.

As holistic practitioners, our team at Kief Studio aims to provide cannabis and CBD brands with complete, customized packages of web design, development, SEO, content creation, and product photography built to resonate with audiences at every stage of their wellness journeys. We seek to become trusted partners in your growth through tailored strategies backed by an herbalist’s expertise, not generic quick fixes. Our artistry and hands-on service set us apart from iFrames and outsourced agencies. We invite you to start a conversation about how a true partnership focused on your brand vision and audience can drive opportunities unlike any other.

We Want to Help Businesses That Are in the Industry for the Right Reasons

At Kief Studio, we aim to provide cannabis brands focused on positively impacting the industry with full-service web design, development, marketing, and branding capabilities backed by experience in every area of cannabis. Our team includes specialists in all segments of the market, from dispensary operations and product launches to extraction and cultivation.

We have lived the realities of cannabis as patients, consumers, and business owners ourselves. Our hands-on experience covers the challenges involved in:

  • Maintaining a retail operation focused on education and patient care.
  • Developing and scaling new product lines aimed at improving lives.
  • Anticipating changes in laws and regulations to build compliance into solutions.
  • Using holistic techniques like extraction and infusion to create high-quality, impactful products.
  • Optimizing digital experiences and marketing for cannabis audiences through SEO, content, and social media.
  • Growing and cultivating cannabis with integrity to serve dispensaries and product companies.

We aim to apply deep understanding from work on the front lines of cannabis to guide strategy, predict obstacles, and determine key opportunities for brands looking to make a positive difference. Our team has developed dispensary menus, marketing campaigns, and product launches with a mindset of partnership over profits. We invite brands seeking to build an ethical business model to start a conversation about how specialists with hands-on cannabis experience could help accelerate their meaningful work.

While hype and misinformation run rampant, cannabis continues progressing thanks to brands focused on education, patient care, safe products, and community. We aim to support these groups through customized web solutions built to spread their message and generate opportunities for growth and impact. Together, we can work to normalize cannabis through expertise over buzzwords.

If your brand seeks to shift perception and spread the truth of this plant, we invite you to tap into specialists dedicated to that same goal. Through understanding your vision and work on the ground level, we look to build digital experiences to scale your meaningful efforts and voice in this industry. A partnership built on shared experience in cannabis could drive your ability to spread education and make a difference.

In Conclusion

While the hype around cannabis often focuses on profits over purpose, real progress depends on brands working to positively impact our relationship with this plant. At Kief Studio, we aim to support these groups through web solutions built to spread education, improve lives, and strengthen community. Our team of specialists in cannabis retail, product launches, marketing, and web development has lived the realities of this industry - we understand what it takes to build brands focused on meaningful change.

If your brand seeks to shift perception and spread the truth of cannabis, we invite you to start a conversation about how a partnership could drive your ability to make a difference. Through customized strategies backed by experience in every segment, we look to scale your efforts and voice to reach audiences in a maturing market. While generic fixes fail, tailored solutions succeed when built by those dedicated to the same goal.

The future of cannabis depends on the work we do today to progress understanding and access. At Kief Studio, we stand ready to help brands achieve that future through web assets focused on opportunity and impact. Our services are for those as passionate about spreading education as they are success. If that resonates with your brand’s vision, we invite you to get in touch to discuss how specialized support could help accelerate your meaningful work.

The secrets of SEO or eye-catching design matter little without purpose. We craft digital experiences for cannabis brands guided by shared values of education, community, and access over profits alone. While hype focuses on flashy trends, we focus on helping clients achieve real and lasting progress through solutions built to spread the truth of this plant. Cannabis will be normalized through the work of brands passionate about generating understanding - at Kief Studio, we’re passionate about supporting that goal. Start a conversation today to tap into specialists able to scale your efforts through customized strategies for growth and impact. Together, we’ll build a future for cannabis where meaningful change takes root.

iFrames Were Never Meant for SEO
Kief Studio February 25, 2024
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