Bring Your Ideas to Life with Animation

Seeking memorable animated content that engages your audience?

Animation allows you to bring imaginative ideas to life and connect with viewers in unexpected ways. At Kief Studio, we blend art and technology to produce slick animated spots for social media, music videos, short films, and more.

Our animation team has a background in the psychedelic arts scene, indie comics, and experimental film. We infuse outside-the-box creative perspectives into every animated project.

We handle 2D animation with a colorful, fluid style as well as 3D animation when a fuller virtual environment is needed to tell a story. Our designers can also animate your existing logo or mascot giving them a playful, eye-catching personality.

Let’s get creative. Partner with us to make innovative animations that captivate fans and leave a lasting impression.

Our Animation



We craft stories and design engaging characters tailored to your brand.


We map out narratives beat-by-beat to guide production.


Our skilled team brings illustrations to life through frame-by-frame digital magic.

Add Finishing Touches

We incorporate voiceover, sound effects and music for further immersion.



2D Character & Logo Animation

Fluid, vibrant and fun. Our 2D animation breathes personality into your brand identifiers.

3D Animation

Detailed virtual environments and lifelike motion. We build rich 3D worlds to captivate audiences.

Animated Music Videos

Tuneful tales amplifying musicians’ works through hypnotic visuals.

Animated Commercials & Social Spots

Punchy and concise animation optimized for digital advertising.

Animated Short Films

Cinematic and artistic. We craft mini-movies to showcase your brand’s creativity.

Motion Comics

Illustrated and voice acted. Bring comic/storyboard ideas alive through animation.

Animation Style Consulting

We provide guidance on choosing the right animation style to effectively communicate your brand’s personality for your intended demographic.

Imaginative Character & Story Development

Our services go beyond animation production. We conceptualize engaging characters and craft captivating stories tailored to bring your brand’s message to life. Our writers and designers ideate narratives and personalities specifically to connect with your target audience, amplifying your brand values through animation.

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Seamless Blend of Art and Technology

At Kief Studio, we fuse outside-the-box creativity with leading-edge technology. Our animators have their pulse on both the avant-garde arts scene and the latest software innovations. We harness this fusion of artistic flair and technological prowess to produce slick, modern animated content. From 2D cartoon aesthetics to 3D virtual environments, our team brings stunning visions to the screen.

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Animation Strategically Tailored for Your Goals

We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Our seasoned consultants provide guidance on the best animation styles and distribution strategies to effectively promote your brand, showcase your products, or engage fans. We analyze your target demographics and current content performance to determine ideal styles and platforms. Then we handle animation production, optimization, and distribution, ensuring maximum visibility and impact.

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Ready to See Your Ideas Animated?

Partner with Kief Studio to produce sleek, innovative animation that brings your vision to life. Let’s craft captivating animations specially tailored for your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions for Logo Design

What is Kief Studio?

Kief Studio specializes in creating engaging animated content by blending art and technology. We produce animations for social media, music videos, short films, and more, with a unique background in the psychedelic arts scene, indie comics, and experimental film.

What types of animation does Kief Studio offer?

We offer both 2D and 3D animation services. Our 2D animation is known for its colorful, fluid style, while our 3D animation provides detailed virtual environments for storytelling. We also specialize in animating logos and mascots.

Can Kief Studio animate my existing logo or mascot?

Yes, our designers can animate your existing logo or mascot, infusing them with a playful and eye-catching personality that stands out.

What is the animation process at Kief Studio?

Our process includes concept development, storyboarding, animation, and adding finishing touches like voiceover, sound effects, and music to ensure a fully immersive experience.

What are some of the animation services provided by Kief Studio?

We offer a range of services including 2D character and logo animation, 3D animation, animated music videos, animated commercials and social spots, animated short films, and motion comics.

How does Kief Studio ensure the animation fits my brand?

We begin by understanding your brand's message and target audience, then craft stories and design characters that reflect your brand’s personality. Our animation style consulting also helps in choosing the right style to communicate effectively with your intended demographic.

What makes Kief Studio stand out in the animation industry?

Our unique background in the psychedelic arts, indie comics, and experimental film allows us to bring a fresh, creative perspective to every project. We seamlessly blend art and technology to produce innovative and slick animated content.

How does Kief Studio incorporate music into animations?

We specialize in animated music videos that amplify musicians' works with hypnotic visuals, incorporating voiceovers, sound effects, and music to enhance the storytelling.

Can Kief Studio help with character and story development?

Yes, we offer imaginative character and story development services, conceptualizing engaging characters and captivating stories tailored to amplify your brand's values through animation.

What technology does Kief Studio use in animation?

We use leading-edge technology and software innovations, staying on the pulse of both the avant-garde arts scene and the latest in animation technology to create modern, visually stunning content.

How does Kief Studio tailor animations to client goals?

We provide strategic consultations to determine the best animation styles and distribution strategies for your brand, ensuring the content is effectively promoted and reaches your target demographic.

What is the benefit of choosing Kief Studio for my animation needs?

Partnering with Kief Studio means working with a team that not only understands the technical aspects of animation but also values creative storytelling and brand identity, ensuring your animated content is both visually appealing and strategically impactful.

How can animation from Kief Studio engage my audience?

Animation allows for the expression of imaginative ideas in ways that connect with viewers on an emotional level, making your message more memorable and engaging.

What kind of projects has Kief Studio worked on?

We have worked on a wide array of projects, from slick animated spots for social media to music videos, short films, and animations that bring comic/storyboard ideas to life.

How long does an animation project take with Kief Studio?

 The timeline varies based on the complexity of the project, but our streamlined process ensures we work efficiently to bring your vision to life as quickly as possible without compromising quality.